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UsingNet: Email

Email is what the WWW is famous for. It is what brought the WWW to the common person. It is also rapidly becoming a necessity for all in this day and age.

Email stands for Electronic mail. With RPA Internet, if you have purchased an email acct., then your email address would come in the form of: yourUserName@rpa.net.

To send and receive electronic-mail messages, or e-mail, over the Internet and to organize your messages, you need an e-mail account. You can get this through an Internet service provider (ISP) or online service provider -- that's us!. You also need an e-mail client - e-mail software for your computer. Your e-mail client creates an inbox on your computer. When you check your e-mail, new messages are downloaded into your inbox.

If you have questions on how to setup your email, or add new mail accounts, please see our online help system.

For a listing of free Internet email services, click here.

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